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Vintun has several contracts available to our customers to cover a wide range of requirements.

8(a) Certified

Learn more about how to use the SBA 8(a) program to work with Vintun LLC. Contact us at:



Vintun supports work in the following North American Industrial Code System (NAICS) Codes:

519190 (Primary NAICS)









DUNS: 079725369
CAGE Code: 7BU83

Native Hawaiian Owned SBA Certified 8(a) and SDB through September 9, 2024​

Customers can use our SBA 8(a) status to negotiate and establish direct award contracts.  Our Native Hawaiian Status enables unlimited contract ceiling levels to accommodate all requirements.  Procedures supporting direct award acquisition are as follows:


FAR Clauses


Subpart 6.3 - Other Than Full and Open Competition 6.302-5(2) Full and open competition need not be provided for when (i) A statute expressly authorizes or requires that the acquisition be made through another agency or from a specified source. 

Subpart 19.8 - Contracting with the Small Business Administration (The 8(a) Program) 19.800(b) Contracts may be awarded to the SBA for performance by eligible 8(a) firms on either a sole source or competitive basis.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


13 CFR 124.503 - How does SBA accept a procurement for award through the 8(a) BD program?

13 CFR 124.506 - At what dollar threshold must an 8(a) procurement be competed among eligible Participants?

• 13 CR 124.506 (b)(2) (2) A Participant concern owned and controlled by an NHO may be awarded a sole source Department of Defense (DoD) 8(a) contract where the anticipated value of the procurement exceeds the applicable competitive threshold if SBA has not accepted the requirement into the 8(a) BD program as a competitive procurement.

Navy SeaPort Enhanced
GSA IT Schedule 70
GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Task Orders

Vintun does not have any Task Orders at this time.

Quality Assurance Program

Vintun integrates Quality Assurance throughout every phase of our projects – from inception to completion.   The primary methods of assuring the quality of services are advance planning, assignment of qualified staff resources, use of the right tools, and the integration of best-practice based program and project management methods. Developing detailed work plans in a collaborative way helps assure the quality of support provided with each project task. In summary, quality is integrated into everything we do.


Integrating quality assurance during the project delivery is a key part of our comprehensive approach. We have assembled a Quality Assurance Review Board made up of several of our most experienced professionals at Vintun. This approach ensures the required functional and technical knowledge, while simultaneously holding down costs. Any Vintun team member can request support from the Review Board members at any time. The Board also serves as a quality control check for key deliverables and ensures an integrated approach to the recommendations. Vintun’s quality management approach is designed to prevent, mitigate, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise performance, schedule, cost, or risk. Our approach includes:


  • Developing a Quality Assurance Plan for every project

  • Establishing and monitoring metrics against project objectives

  • Ensuring quality management processes include monitoring and performance assessment

  • Coordinating with the client stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies

  • Coordinating with other service providers regarding quality management

  • Conducting periodic quality management reviews


Quality Assurance promotes the delivery of reliable, complete, and accurate work products by minimizing the transmission of errors through Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement processes. Vintun’s approach to providing Quality Assurance establishes quality controls during the entire lifecycle of a task.