Vintun Values Service Superiority
Revolutionizing IT Service Management

The Challenge – Developing IT Service Management Processes and Managing Change

Vintun has established an ITSM Center of Excellence comprised of ITIL SMEs with over 56 years’ cumulative experience across multiple organizations. Leveraging this expertise, we have developed a proven ITSM strategy comprised of people, technology, and processes. We have created a comprehensive model, following ITIL best practices, for delivering IT services, managing changes, and providing continual service improvement.

We accomplish your organizational goals by performing ITSM process development and improvement in several phases which are customizable based on your organization. Beginning with a strategy/discovery, design, transition, operation, and continual service improvement.


The Benefits – Why Vintun ITSM?

The Vintun ITSM Team defines and develops your organizational requirements in collaboration with multiple stakeholders with a focus on strategic analysis and service level improvements.

Our ITSM subject matter experts have shaped a framework and set of guidelines to govern best practices in IT service management. Our standard operating model can be customized for optimal performance within your organization.

The Vintun ITSM Team values business alignment, and provides the following benefits:

  • Customization – creating clear, repeatable processes that are efficient and customized per organizational requirements.

  • Governance – our Vintun ITSM Team has documented a strategy for IT and how we will support organizations and assist with control, compliance, and performance. Our governance strategies ensure appropriate policies, metrics, and practices are in place.

  • Continual Service Improvement – our Vintun ITSM Team COE is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to simplify, integrate, automate, and refine processes and the services it offers to enhance support for your organization.

  • Quantifiable – our customizable metrics reporting helps define metrics from the business and stakeholder perspective and delivers suggestions for service level improvement.

  • Reliability – we provide a strategic approach to achieving ITSM maturity that creates consistency and reliability. Tasks, responsibilities, and authorizations are well-defined and communicated; targets and quality are measured; comprehensive management reports are produced, communicated, and discussed; and formal planning is done.

  • Security – providing repeatable processes that are monitored and controlled reduces errors and protects the organization from security risks that result from ill-defined processes.

How it works…
the Vintun ITSM Team:

  • Conducts ITSM process ‘as-is’ assessment

  • Conducts a ‘to-be’ workshop

  • Identifies current processes and plans maturity modeling for service improvement

  • Identifies new practices that will benefit the organization

  • Conducts a gap analysis to optimize processes

  • Delivers a proposed plan for service improvement

  • Implement processes within IT tools (Remedy, ServiceNow, etc.)

  • Develops customized processes, project plans, metrics reports, KPIs, CSFs, and other deliverables as required

  • Creates clearly defined ITSM practices, processes, and strategies

  • Facilitates Business Relationship Management and improvement opportunities

  • Provides customized process training to stakeholders

  • Develops organizational and RASCI charts

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