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DAX performs data analytics as a service to enhance performance management at the highest level in both government and commercial organizations. DAX ingests data and information provided by all systems of record from any functional area of an organization (i.e., financial, HR, procurement, facilities, etc.) and turns them into knowledge for the decision makers. The end-product is a sustainable, integrated, and application agnostic solution that allows impactful data sharing, analytics and visualization to answer questions formed by the end user.


  • Is your data lost in the cloud of useful and beneficial uncertainty?


  • Do you believe that modeling your data and aggregating your data differently will give you better oversight and the ability to improve processes and management controls?


  • Are you tired of the data science hype that over promises benefit and under delivers value to your organization?

Turn your data and information into knowledge with DAX today. We would be happy to demonstrate DAX capabilities and show you how we can add immediate value to your organization.