Agencies have more powerful Business Intelligence (BI), data science, and other advanced tools along with more data than ever before. However, getting the data ready for the tools still consumes about 80% of the effort. Data scientists, analysts, visualization experts, and others spend much more time prepping data than analyzing the results. VDAX changes the equation with a Data Fusion and AI service that turns raw data into useful information, intelligence, and knowledge. VDAX helps:

  • Leverage your current data tool sets making them more productive.

  • Improve reliability with trusted data sets which are auto reconciled and continuously monitored for errors and anomalies.

  • Augment your data science, advanced analytic, and visualization expertise.

VDAX can turn your data assets into useful information, intelligence and knowledge providing immediate value to your organization.

Subscription Options

We’d be happy to help you with your data.

Open Data Series

VDAX Open Data Edition converts publicly available federal data into meaningful information. Interactive information includes Federal:
Positions, and
VDAX validates and reconciles information according to DATA Act requirements for USASpending. Authoritative sources also include SAM, FPDS, OMB, DoD, and others. VDAX will increase its library as more open data is published under the OPEN Government Data Act.

$24.99 /mo

Premium Series

VDAX Premium Series works with all data, internal, external, as well as open. VDAX knowledge bases follow the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) for Federal Lines of Business:
Financial Management
Grants Management
Human Capital
VDAX models also support Program Office, Performance Management, and Compliance. 
The VDAX Premium Series also offers available data science, advanced analytic, visualization, and information engineering professional services.
The ability to connect VDAX data to PowerBI is currently only offered through our Premium Subscription.

Prices will vary


Finance, HR, Procurement, Performance Management, and other functional domains

Support all data consumption modes:

  • Visualization

  • Dashboards

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Interactive Reporting

Enable both executive and operational decisioning


  • Transform both low and high complexity tasks for generating information and intelligence

  • Automate the “last mile” of information supply chain and eliminate manual data wrangling required for analysis and reporting

  • Maintain "Line-of-Sight" from visualizations back to the source data


  • Produce Smart Data models which work with any BI and Data Science tools

  • AI based harmonization makes data from disparate sources look as if all came from a single seamless source

  • Continuously identify and quantify impact of bad data


VDAX can turn your raw data
into usable BI data.


Well-known data analytics platform, visualizations, and dashboards.


Gain enterprise level interactive reporting and graphics accessing millions of rows of governed data by connecting Excel to VDAX.


Machine learning, data mining, and text mining.

Many Other Tools

VDAX Premium provides curated data sets for all BI and data science tools.

*Some tools requireVDAX Premium Series • Download the User Manual

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