The Challenge – Begin with the end state in mind…but how?

  • Leveraging VR2B process optimization model and framework allows organizations to clearly and efficiently design and build for success

  • We do this by implementing a transformation framework that is laser focused on business analysis with agile collaboration, and change management covering the entire lifecycle

Business Analysis as a practice facilitates change management in an organization 

  • Defines business needs (problems or opportunities) in collaboration with its stakeholders through strategy analysis and requirement engineering

How it works…the VR2B agile team:

  • Conducts business process ‘as-is’ assessment

  • Conducts a “To-Be” workshop 

  • Completes a gap-analysis review based on similar best practices; and proposes a ‘to-be’ optimized process

  • Delivers a description of the target line of business and relationships, dictionary of terms and documents, and process diagrams – all in pdf format (Microsoft Visio files optional)

The Vintun Rapid To-Be (VR2B) Virtual Business Analyst (BA) tool will assist the Vintun BA in accelerating business case development and population of artifacts/tools that will be used in accordance with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK 2.0).

VR2B provides organizations with business process optimization using a cadre of certified business analysts and industry-leading process automation tools.

VR2B ‘Virtual BA’ is proprietary software that speeds our already ‘rapid to-be’ service (ROI is a reduction in hours required to produce BA artifacts).

VR2B ‘Virtual BA’ provides our Vintun certified Business Analysts with a holistic suite of BA tools based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK 2.0).


It allows the Vintun practitioner to perform process mapping while, at the same time, populating a stakeholder register and requirements catalog. Gap analysis, stakeholder analysis, and agile design tools are also integrated within the application.

The Design Backlog module provides the end user with a location for the list of prioritized and estimated tasks for to-be process improvement. By automatically sorting the requirements using desirability and complexity, the easier and more desired requirements will rise to the top while the more difficult and less desired requirements will sink to the bottom and therefore be less likely to be included in the next release.


Bizagi’s industry leading platform for intelligent process automation connects people, applications, robots and information. As the most business friendly and flexible solution on the market, Bizagi enables true collaboration between business and IT, delivering faster adoption and success. Bizagi:

  • Is an intelligent process automation platform.

  • Enables true collaboration between Business & IT, delivering faster adoption and success.

Bizagi’s digital business platform integrates with                                 connected Robotic Process Automation to provide a comprehensive business process management / RPA solution.

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