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Vintun Readiness Improvement Cycle


Vintun Readiness Improvement Cycle (VRIC) Provides Innovation in Data Analysis, Event Planning, and Collaboration to Improve Readiness

In the life cycle of any system, a holistic understanding of the supply chain is integral to ensuring on-time readiness. In more complex supply chains, this becomes even more foundational as the number of organizations and touch points along the life cycle increase. Within these complex supply chains, the root cause of issues across different or multiple Integrated Product Support (IPS) elements can be difficult to bring to the surface and resolve. These challenges have led to the implementation of a multitude of Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) readiness initiatives to improve resiliency and efficiencies within the supply chain. Initiatives such as the Readiness Control Board (RCB), Sustainment Program Baseline (SPB), Naval Sustainment System- Supply (NSS-S), Naval Sustainment System- Aviation (NSS-A), Naval Sustainment System- Shipyard (NSS-SY), Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM), and others are putting improvements to readiness at the forefront of Naval Aviation.

In support of these initiatives, Vintun has established the Vintun Readiness Improvement Cycle (VRIC) methodology to help assist in resolving these supply chain readiness challenges while providing links between the different initiatives. This cyclical, four-phase methodology conducted by our Subject Matter Experts (SME), covers cradle to grave management and coordination of readiness improvement events while closely working alongside our direct customers and stakeholders across the supply chain to both identify and help resolve readiness issues.

Phase 1: Pre-Event Planning
  • Work directly with our customers in all planning of the event to include:

    • Assistance in selection of readiness degraders/discussion topics for the event

    • Pre-event engagement with stakeholders across the supply chain

    • Management of event logistics, agenda, and slide creation

  • Vintun’s Unique Value Contribution

    • Our experts help your team through each step of the event process

    • Adaptable and flexible events to meet each customers need

    • Able to hold virtual, in-person, and hybrid events

Phase 2: Independent Data Analysis

  • Once the readiness degraders/discussion topics for the event are finalized, our team will:

    • Conduct independent data review and analysis

    • Correlate and structure data from each stakeholder’s organizational point of view

    • Compilation and summary of results for discussion during facilitated events

  • Vintun’s Unique Value Contribution

    • Rank ordering tool based on algorithm/weighted calculations

    • Use of analytical best practices across readiness initiatives

    • Our readiness initiative experts will ensure information is provided from each stakeholder organization

    • Independent data analysis based on data allows for removal of organizational bias

Phase 3: Event Facilitation

  • Total event management includes:

    • Total stakeholder participation across the supply chain

    • Data driven discussion leading to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) determination and resolution

    • Event notation and capture of action items

    • Audio/Visual management

    • Creation of daily and event specific summaries for leadership review tied to specific readiness initiatives

  • Vintun’s Unique Value Contribution

    • Event allows equal value for all stakeholder viewpoints

    • Implementation of lessons learned provided from other Events

    • Our team involvement allows concentrated focus from stakeholders on the discussion while we capture notes and actions from the event

Phase 4: Action Item Resolution

  • Set-up and facilitation of working level group meetings to burn-down actions from the events

    • Creation and management of Action Item Tracker

    • Agenda and minutes creation based on priority of actions

    • Provision of background information from each task

    • Keeps historical record of work conducted by task

    • Provision of tailored metrics for your organization

  • Vintun’s Unique Value Contribution

    • Disciplined and effective method for action item resolution

    • Custom reports based on client requirements (availability, readiness, cost, etc.)

    • Forum allows for continued relationship growth between stakeholders

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