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What is VDaaS?

The Vintun Team is now providing drone services solutions known as VDaaS. Using these turnkey commercial drone solutions, we acquire, process and deliver actionable aerial data to our customers. These services support drone applications in telecom, construction, energy, media and other sectors using best-in-class drone technology, highly-trained pilots and experienced data engineers to execute safe, legal and insured missions so that customers achieve new cost and operational efficiencies. We understand that each project is unique and there are no “one size fits all” application for post-collection data processing. By partnering with industry leaders in mapping and data analytics, we use the right platforms to deliver insightful and actionable reports for your specific data types. VDaaS enables the customer to reduce the inspection cycle, get detailed imagery or other sensor data, enhance worker safety and get accurate data regardless of weather conditions.

All contract Drone Pilots are FAA Part 107 (sUAS) certified and insured. Equipment, sensor payload, security classification and post-mission data storage and production can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. Our team consists of seasoned business leaders with expertise in IT, aviation, marketing, digital transformation, law, defense, public safety and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS or drones) operations. Our team selects and deploys the best pilots and platforms, ensures secure collection and storage of your data and provides actionable and intelligent reporting to meet your requirements. From beginning to end, we have you covered.

The VDaaS pilot management platform deploys the right pilots with the right assets to the right places regardless of the mission type. We track pilot certification, experience and location to guarantee qualified pilots are used for matching missions. From the moment a mission alert is launched, pilots and VDaaS operations managers communicate in real time via encrypted channels, ensuring your projects and data are always secure. This platform is the only system able to match, mobilize and support drone teams on a global scale.

Get started by visiting We will use the information gathered to provide a quote formatted for Government contracting. For smaller, simple tasks, we will use micro-purchase (credit card processing available) or Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) processes.  For more complex and longer-term missions, we will work through the SPAWAR (SSC) PAC MAC IDIQ Engineering and Support Services for Network and Information Systems Technology Programs (a Multiple Agency IDIQ that allows for 8(a)competitive award task orders).



Claims Adjustments, Risk Engineering, Fraud Reduction



Land Surveys, Site Security, Safety Inspections, Time-Lapsed Progressions


Real Estate

Maps, Surveys, Infrastructure and Mechanical Analysis


Public Safety

Incident Reconstruction, Damage Assessment, Search and Rescue, Security



Soil and Field Analysis, Crop Monitoring, Irrigation, Health Assessment



Towers, Bridges, Power Lines, Roofs

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